Teal and Flowers


So many ideas have been floating around in my head as to what to do with these two items of clothing. I would love to find some teal leather like material to add to the flowered skirt material and make a backpack. Or I could make a purse out of the skirt material and line the inside with the satin. I think using teal thread to crochet granny squares to make the top part of a shirt made from the skirt would be gorgeous. This will take awhile for me to decide. So while I think I rip it apart. I will use the sparkly patches as bracelets and a necklace.

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A Skirt Wearing Lamp

Yes you read that right, a skirt wearing lamp. I bought this gorgeous skirt a Goodwill and it was too small for me. I had to have it because the material is just so beautiful. I knew that I could use it for something. For right now its going to dress the plain brown paper bag looking shade that I have been meaning to cover with a map. The skirt is so much quicker. I’d like to redo the entire room in the colors from this skirt so leaving it there will be an inspiration. I need to find a great finial for the top of the lamp.


The end table is waiting to be turned into a pet cubbie. It will get a coat of paint, have the doors removed and a nice soft bed set inside of it. I also hope to re-upholster the couch sometime soon.


At night it’s really pretty.


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So sorry I have ignored this blog for over a year I think. I really would like to get back into the swing of things with this one.

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Cutting it up

I love the color of this skirt and the embroidery but it’s too much. Too much foo foo. So after letting it set to the side for awhile so I could think about what to do with it I decided to just take the ruffles off.

That makes a lot of difference. So much better! Now it’s cute.

Thinking about turning the scrap ruffley piece into a scarf.

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Bright and cheery, red and white.

Another apron that my mom made during the 50’s.

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Cute 50’s Apron

My mom made this I think before she got married. We just re-discovered it in a drawer during a Christmas visit.

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Love these colors!

Rachel is going to make an apron from this most beautiful skirt. It just screams happy to me.

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