I Made a Neck Tie! Thanks Molly!

Using a tutorial by Molly at The Purl Bee I was able to make a Neck Tie for my grandson.


Because I had to use a piece of fabric that wasn’t large enough I had to double the pattern and cut it flat instead of on the fold. I needed 54 inch wide but could not find any like I wanted in that size. The original pattern is on the top in the photo and the new one I had to make is on the bottom.



Then to make sure I had the heros lined up mostly in the middle of the tie and the ones that I wanted showing I taped the material to the window on the back door so I could see through the pattern to adjust it properly.


Before this I had no idea how to do the slip stitch or the ladder stitch that she used to close up the tie. I was quite impressed with both stitches. My eyeballs felt as if they would stay crossed forever but they didn’t. So now I can make more ties! My nephew needs one too.



This was a huge help in the process 🙂


I never even thought about making a neck tie. They are something you go to the store and buy. I love that I learned how to make one for my grandson. He was so excited to have a “real” tie. Thanks Molly.

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