How To Sew a Box Corner on a Bag

I knew that I wanted to try to make a tote bag but I did not want a flat bag. I did however want it to have a flat bottom. So I used some scrap fabric from a skirt to make a practice bag. A tiny practice bag. It was almost too small to work with.


Sew your seams around three sides. Then pinch the fabric into a triangle shape so a side seam will be facing you and running down the middle.


While holding the seams look inside to make sure your seams are perfectly lined up, good luck.

Next take a pin and stick it exactly through the seams, better than I managed to do 🙂


Next measure how far in you want your cross seam to go. Mark it using a water soluble pen. That will determine how wide the flat bottom of your bag will be. So you have to eyeball it and not make it larger than your bag. Unless you want it that way.


Then of course mark all the way across and sew over that line making sure to lock the stitches at both ends so the seams won’t unravel.


And there you have it a bag with a flat bottom. Ok well the bag isn’t finished yet. More on that later.

See why I said good luck. I tried to be very careful and I still did not manage to get my seams lined up exactly right!

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