Cutting it off

Think your skirt or dress is too long? Cut it off!

I cut four and a half inches off, then put on my boots and realized oh, that might have been a little too much 😦 . Plus I didn’t really have enough left to hem. I like my hem to be just to the bottom or middle of my knee. If I hem this it will be at the tippy top of my boney knobby knee 😦 . I cut it with pinking shears and left it raw for now. I saw the very talented lady on New Dress A Day do the same thing so I thought sure why not? I started this project last night about ten o’clock after taking sleep medicine. I needed the dress to wear to our family’s Thanksgiving day meal today. The hem didn’t ravel and if anyone noticed they didn’t say anything or care. Probably no one can see that good anyway. I love the combination of my blue dress with the brown boots and the fact that the dress is slightly dresser than the boots. Thats my style.

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