Grandmother’s Treasures

Last night as I was going through a bin I found a wonderful treasure from both of my grandmothers in one item. I found an old envelope with quilt pattern pieces that my mom’s mom had made. In the top photo you can see these pieces as well as a piece of fabric that she used to make one of her dresses or skirts. I remember the fabric but not exactly what it was used for.

In the middle photo you can see that my signature is very much like hers. I had completely forgotten what her handwriting looked like. It’s beautiful unlike mine. Mine has changed over the years and now when I sign my name the L is large and flowy.

In the bottom photo you can see that a post card was cut up to be used as a pattern piece. It was a post card from my dad’s mom to my mom’s mom. My dad’s handwriting looks just like that. My mother’s handwriting is a very small version of her mothers.

Maybe I will attempt to make a small bit with these pattern pieces in the near future.

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One Response to Grandmother’s Treasures

  1. I really like these pictures of your grandmother’s treasures πŸ™‚ I have many of my grandmother’s treasures also, and aren’t the best ones a piece of old fabric or pattern? I love this post because I do the same thing and adore thrifting and resusing old fabric for something new to be treasured! Check out my most recent post about thrifting at πŸ™‚

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