Foot Work – Singer Merritt 4525

In the year 4525, just kidding. If you have a Singer Merritt 4525 and need a new foot as I did, I thought I would show you a photograph of what it looks like in case you don’t know. I didn’t. I didn’t have a clue. I had no idea there were millions and millions of feet or feet and shanks. I only wanted one. One to sew a straight little line, but of course the little man at the Singer store didn’t know which one was the right one for my Singer Merritt 4525 either. What no book to look it up in?! The man who knows is off for the day. Well call him. Oh he is always away on his day off. Doesn’t he have a cell phone? No, no he doesn’t. And you can’t help me? No, no I’m sorry I can’t. Wait, maybe just maybe, this slanted shank is the right one. You could buy it and try it out. Well I have driven this far I might as well. Thanks. Thanks for “maybe.”

So If you have a Singer Merritt 4525 you will need the foot and shank in the photo below. Now we both know.

And yes my thread is not properly threaded. And my screws are loose, in more ways than one. Happy sewing.

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4 Responses to Foot Work – Singer Merritt 4525

  1. Stacey says:

    I have this same machine and am too looking for a foot – but I need a 1/4 inch one for my quilting class….. my teacher said it will make my life much easier… Thanks for your post! Happy stitching.

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